Avoid These Cleaning Products that Can Harm Your Window Blinds

To look at a window treatment it might appear to be robust and that it will be fine left to its own devices, and generally they are, but not all blinds are equal. Be sure to consult the advice of the manufacturer of the blinds, before you embark on any sort of cleaning regime, to be sure that you are following their instructions.

Different blinds will require different cleaning operations that suit its particular characteristics, but one thing that we can all agree on, is that regular dusting (as a part of your weekly cleaning schedule) is the optimal way of keeping blinds looking their best. This means that if you are doing regular cleaning, you will only need to use a microfibre or dusting cloth to get the job done.

It is when you have neglected to dust regularly (or someone has accidentally left a finger print on the surface), that you may need to put some extra effort into keeping your blinds looking great. As the title of this article suggests, there are definitely some cleaning products that you will want to keep well away from your window blinds. Read on for more info.

Finding the Best Method for You

Depending on what sort of blinds they are and how your blinds are fitted, you will either be able to take them down for cleaning, or not. Ideally, you would be taking the blinds down from the window and laying them flat for cleaning both sides. However this is not always possible. If you are cleaning them while still hanging, you will either be vacuuming them or wiping them with a microfibre duster.

Appropriate Chemicals to Use on a Window Blind?

Before writing this article, we consulted some cleaning experts to get the lowdown on what are the best chemicals to clean a blind. They unanimously said that it is water. (They also added that in some cases, water is not to be used on the blinds either!) So, chemicals like multipurpose cleaning spray, Windex, bleach or any other chemical that might look like a good idea, is definitely not going to be a good idea as they may cause damage to the blind.

If the blinds are not made of natural wood, or fabric (which can both be damaged by water) and the manufacturer has recommended it, blinds can be put into the bathtub if they are particularly dirty, and given a quick clean. Never leave them in the water for any length of time as this may lead to the metal fittings going rusty. The most water you will likely need is just a damp cloth, so if you do decide to use water, be careful. Excess water can discolour the blinds or cause irreparable damage, such as warping wooden blinds.

For more information about how to clean or repair blinds, contact Blind Concepts and let us take over the worry of keeping your blinds looking amazing.