How to Beat the Heat Wave with Window Treatments

As the warmer months roll around, and things start to really heat up, some of us brace for the inevitable cooling bill that goes along with the season. However, others are choosing the innovative option of installing window treatments to lower the heat in their homes, and in doing so, spend less money on cooling. Let’s have a look at some of the different window treatment options that could keep that heat from getting into the house.

Interior and Exterior Blinds

There’s a theory that it might be easier to just keep the heat out to begin with, rather than focusing on cooling it down after it has become too warm. This is where blinds, shades, awnings, curtains and screens come in, shielding the heat from entering the home.

Blinds work well on either the outside or inside of your house, providing much needed cover from sunshine entering the home. The plus side of blinds is that they can be opened or raised completely to allow for a clear view when they are not needed. They can also be opened to various degrees for if you want a little, or a lot of light. Depending how they are angled, they can provide a lot of cover to prevent heat from getting in, and also rain during storms. Studies have shown that white blinds can reduce heat by more than 40%.


Window shades are another awesome way of keeping the place cool, and they do it considerably well as long as the shades are hung correctly. For the most impact they need to be hung as close to the window as possible and as close to the wall at the ends. This creates a ‘seal’ of sorts that prevents heat from coming in, and cool going out. Shades can also work for keeping the heat in during the cooler months, by having dark coloured fabric on one side, and white (reflective fabric) on the other.


Particular fabrics and colours of drapes are the same as shades in that they can be helpful for both keeping the heat out and insulating from the cool during the colder times of the year. Drapes are best positioned close to the window and to the floor and ceiling, creating a tight seal.

Awnings and Overhangs

Both overhangs and awnings can reduce heat coming through windows by more than 60%. Fabric awnings made of opaque, light coloured and tightly woven materials block the sun better. Due to hot air becoming blocked under awnings, adequate ventilation is necessary to prevent stuffy air from building up underneath. A retractable awning is a good idea to allow for the awning to be moved away during the winter months to allow for as much solar energy as possible.
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