4 Child Safe Window Covering Options on the Market

There are two things that go together about as well as chalk and cheese. These are children and blinds. The combination of these two is a recipe for disaster, and don’t we all have at least one story from when we were a kid, where we or our sibling broke a window covering by accident.

When you think about ‘child safe’ window coverings, you may be imagining some new fandangle thing that has been created just for this purpose. But the reality is that the main things that might make blinds unsafe for kids are the cords, ropes and pulleys. Basically, child proofing your window treatments is a case of choosing window coverings that they cannot get tangled up in, or that won’t fall down on top of them. The window treatments that are cordless or have cordless options are your best bet. Read on for some of the window coverings that are child safe.

Horizontal Cordless Wooden Blinds

When we talk about wooden blinds, we are actually talking about the ones that you probably already have at home in at least one of the rooms in your house, although this version is a cordless one. As we all know, most kids are like inquisitive scientists who are intent of discovering what things are made of, how they work and how they break.

Our job is to protect them as best we can, by providing coverings and furnishings that do not endanger them in their exploration of the world around them. Cordless wooden blinds, due to having a sturdy, long lasting counterweight system, can be pulled up and down without having a cord, which makes them great looking, and great for kids.

Plantation Shutters

These are another type of wooden blind with horizontal cordless slats which can be adjusted up or down to allow however much sunlight you require in the room. A great choice for people with kids, as they are child friendly.

Roller Shades

The idea of roller shades may conjure up memories of begone times, but the times are evolving and roller shades are having a come back with new styles. They can be customised to suit any décor, and are available in both the cordless variety, and motorised variety for a sleek, techy way to raise and lower your blinds.

Cordless Controlled Blinds

The latest innovations in blind technology bring you the cordless controlled blinds, which can be automated to be voice activated, or activated through your mobile phone, or a retractable wand version. All of these different styles are child friendly, with no cord to ensnare an unsuspecting child.