Maintenance Tips for Motorized Shades and Blinds

One of the major benefits of using motorized blinds (in theory) is that they will usually look great longer, mostly because nobody is touching them, so there is less chance of them being soiled or damaged by human hands. The exception
to this rule is if there are pets or children in the house, as we all know these two parties are likely to be at the centre of any damage to the blinds. Apart from regular cleaning of the blinds to gently wipe away any dust that has accumulated, the maintenance schedule will be fairly simple, unless there are mechanical issues that need to be addressed.

Dusting and Cleaning

Maintaining the regular care of the blinds will usually involve the weekly or fortnightly cleaning of surfaces, as we have discussed previously. Usually (depending on the material of the blind) this can be done with either a duster or a microfibre cloth. You won’t need cleaning solutions as simply dampening the cloth will allow for the dust to be removed. Alternatively, you could use a vacuum cleaner with the brush head fitting to gently brush over the surfaces.


One of the important parts of the motorized blinds are the batteries that give power to the remote. If the remote suddenly stops working, the first thing to check is if the batteries are in need of replacing as this will most likely be the
issue. This can be done fairly easily by simply opening the back of the remote removing the old batteries and replacing them with new ones. It is always best to keep a spare set of batteries at the ready, as you never know when they
might run out.

Repair and Replace Damaged Slats and Clips

As with a non-motorized blind, the upkeep of the slats and clips is an important part of maintaining your motorized blinds. This may mean getting in contact with the blind manufacturer to obtain the replacement parts suited to your particular blind and then fitting them yourself. If you don’t feel confident doing it on your own, there are companies such as Blind Concepts that specialise in taking care of blind repairs.

Check Wiring

Apart from the issues with the remote, another thing that can go wrong with motorized blinds is that the wiring may come loose. If you find that your blind are not working properly, or it appears there is no power going to them, and you have already replaced the batteries, it may be a wiring problem. This is no a common occurrence, but wires can become loose over time, or could malfunction if the blinds have been hit by a ball or damaged in some way.