The windows in our dwellings, workplaces and public buildings are much more than openings in a wall to let in light. They are an architectural feature that gives definition to any structure; they come in various shapes, although square, rectangular and porthole styles are the most common. When dressed with blinds, curtains or both they add colour and character to walls that otherwise would be featureless.

The Exterior Usually Reflects the Interior

The exterior of a building is usually a reflection of the interior, so that before entering, visitors can get an overall impression of what to expect once they are inside. A dirty, untidy exterior usually forewarns that the interior will be equally unkempt, whilst a pristine exterior will most likely reflect pride of ownership and be equally inviting inside.

Clean Window Coverings Lift both Interior and Exterior

The condition of the window coverings plays a big part in the overall appearance of any property. While keeping the walls and windows clean inside and out is admirable, the effect is spoiled by shabby, dusty curtains and blinds. Dirty curtains are easy enough to rectify by taking them down, washing them on the setting appropriate for the fabric type, and re-hanging them. Blinds, however, are a bit more work.

In 1999, we created Blind Concepts, a company built on unique and innovative solutions that allow our customers to save money by refurbishing their blinds instead of condemning them to landfill. Most blinds will look like new if they are professionally cleaned, giving years more service for a much smaller outlay than buying a room full of new ones.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Removes Every Speck

Using the latest in ultrasonic cleaning technology, embedded dirt, bacteria, grease and grime are washed away, leaving the blinds deodorised, sanitised and sparkling clean. Our equipment uses spray and oscillation techniques to remove every speck of dirt and grime from difficult to reach places. The oscillation process reaches every corner, gently lifting the most stubborn of dust build-ups and washing them away in an environmentally responsible manner.

No Harsh Scrubbing with Spray and Oscillation Process

Oscillation describes the process of moving back and forth repeatedly between two points. This is the technique we use to get blinds as clean as possible without harsh scrubbing, which can damage and mark the blinds. This technique also allows us to clean many blinds at the same time. This creates economies of scale that reduces the cost, giving us the opportunity to pass these savings onto our customers.

If you have been dreading the thought of taking your blinds down and manually scrubbing them, give us a call. We will collect your blinds from your premises, clean them in our workshop and return them to you ready for re-hanging within 24 hours.