Blind Concepts offers effective blind repairs that will save you a lot of money.
Instead of throwing away damaged blinds, bring them blinds repairs Brisbaneto us so we that we can restore them to their original condition. Repairs can be finished within the same day, but some complex repairs may take longer.

Simply call Blind Concepts Brisbane for an estimate of the price for the service. The service rate is dependent on the type of repair that is needed. We will pick up the blinds and do the repair work in our workshop and return the blinds to you as soon as possible.

We offer various types of blinds repairs including repairs of vertical blinds and venetian blinds.

Services include repair of the following:

• Vertical blinds

• Roman blinds

• Timber blinds

• Holland blinds

• Woodweave blinds

• Oriental, plain or exposed batten

timber blinds before repairing            timber blinds after repairing

Also being serviced are Venetian blinds:

• Aluminium blinds

• Wood composite

• 50mm poly-resin (timber look finish)

• Cedar (lacquered or oiled)

Repair services include:

• Repair of vertical slats

• Commercial refits

• Repair of vertical blind slat hangers

• Repair of bottom chain

• Cord repair

• Wand repair

Other repairs that are not common cases can still be resolved. Let Blind Concepts know of the extent of the damage so that we can form a viable solution for you.

For all your blind repair needs, simply give us a call to discuss solutions and to get a free quote. Our repair personnel are ready to evaluate the blind damage problems and offer the best solution for your blinds. Services available to customers living in Brisbane and surrounding areas.