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Brisbane Blind Installation & Repair

Blind Concept is your one-stop service shop for old and damaged interior blinds. We offer blind cleaning, repair and replacements as well as blind installations to customers living in Brisbane and its surrounding areas. We guarantee top quality service and price advantage in every service.

We provide cleaning, repair and replacement of various types of interior blinds, including vertical blinds, roman blinds, oriental, plain or exposed batten and Holland blinds. Our services also cover Venetian blinds that include aluminium blinds, wood composite blinds, 50mm poly-resin blinds with timber look finish, and lacquered or oiled cedar blinds.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Our blinds cleaning service utilises the latest technology in blind cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaning method is an effective way of removing all hard to remove dirt, stain, grease, bacteria and grime on the slats and other portions of the blinds. The ultrasonic cleaning method is highly praised for its environmentally friendly process. Minimal amounts of chemicals and water are needed to clean blinds using the ultrasonic method. Ultrasonic cleaning is also a cost effective way of restoring the quality of blinds that have been exposed and subjected to deeply seated dirt.

When you give us a call, we provide you with an estimated cost of the cleaning service, based on the size, type and number of blinds that will be cleaned. We then take the blinds and do the cleaning at our workshop. Within 24 hours, the blinds will be returned to you sparkling clean and ready for re-hanging on the windows.

Repair and Replacement

Blind Concepts Brisbane also provides blind repair service to restore the quality of damaged blinds. Typical repairs that are called for include replacement of slats, slat hangers, resewing of slats, replacement of chains, cords or wand. Duration of the repair service will depend on the extent and complexity of the damage.

We also offer blinds replacement service to restore the original condition of the blinds or to create a new style for the blinds. You can choose from a wide array of colours available to give your old window blinds a brand new look and style. Blind replacement may be for a single slat or for multiple slats and even an entire set of window blinds.

Blind Concept’s repair and replacement services for interior blinds are a great way of saving money as these services cost much less than if you were to buy brand new blinds. Repair and replacement efforts also minimises unnecessary waste since the blinds will be re-used after restoration.

How It Works

All you need to do is give us a call, let us know about the type of blinds that you have, the size and the number of blinds that you want cleaned, repaired or replaced. We will then provide you with the best solution to restore and improve your existing blinds. We offer free quotes for all the services that we offer.