Clean Blinds with the Latest Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Blinds tend to look worn out through time as more and more dirt and grime
accumulate on the slats and in every little strand of cord ultrasonic cleaningand components of the blinds. The blinds literally become too unattractive for further use. Before thinking of throwing them away completely, try our blind cleaning service that will make the blinds looking like brand new.

We use the advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology to restore blinds to their brand-new look. Blinds cleaning using ultrasonic technology effectively removes dirt and grime from blinds using high frequency sound waves. The sound waves produce millions of tiny imploding energy bubbles that remove all dirt, grease, grime deeply embedded in the blinds. The ultrasonic method eliminates the need for hard scrubbing of the blinds, which could result in potential damage to the surface. Blind Concepts offers this high-tech cleaning service to customers in Brisbane , Logan, Ipswich and the Northern suburbs.

Environmentally Friendly

Ultrasonic cleaning by Blind Concepts Brisbane makes use of water-based solution that makes the cleaning method environmentally friendly. The water-based solution used for ultrasonic cleaning is also safe and gentle to use for the slats of the blinds. With ultrasonic cleaning, only a meagre amount of detergent that is biodegradable is used for the cleaning method. The use of this advanced cleaning method promotes practical and efficient water consumption that is indeed very helpful in conserving resources.

timber blinds cleaned          timber blinds waiting to dry

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning provides a very thorough method of cleaning blinds. As opposed to traditional scrubbing which could cause abrasion on the slats, ultrasonic cleaning removes all sorts of dirt deposits in the blinds. Ultrasonic cleaning effectively sanitises, deodorises and lubricates the blind.

The powerful cleaning action of ultrasonic cleaning lifts away embedded dirt, bacteria, grease and grime without damaging the material. The ultrasonic method is ideal even in delicate portions of the blinds. Ultrasonic cleaning is also an inexpensive way of restoring old and worn down blinds to brand new looking interior pieces. The price of regular ultrasonic cleaning costs much less than replacing the blinds with new ones.

Typical ultrasonic cleaning takes a few hours to finish. Once we collect the blinds from your home, we work on them at our workshop and return them within 24 hours for re-hanging on your windows.

timber blinds before cleaning         timber blinds after cleaning