Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Window blinds will look old in just a short amount of time as dirt and dust build-up on the slats as well as in the other components of the blinds. Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital in making sure your window blinds reach their optimum useful life. There are several benefits to using ultrasonic cleaning in removing dirt and grime from your blinds.

More Effective than Other Cleaning Methods

Ultrasonic cleaning delivers a higher level of cleaning than most part-cleaning technologies such as spray washers or oscillation parts washers that do not have ultrasonic components.

With spray washing systems, the only part areas that are thoroughly cleaned are those directly hit by the spray action. Difficult-to-reach areas will not be completely cleaned using spray washing units, even those that feature turntables or moving spray heads.

Oscillation parts washers can be effective in getting rid of light oils, shop contaminants, and coolants, but cannot remove bonded contaminants, or dirt that is thicker and tougher to remove.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems can clean the interior of holes the size of human hair or smaller. Since the action generated is microscopic in size, ultrasonic cleaning can clean details that are normally missed by other cleaning methods. Ultrasonic cleaners can also clean the interior of objects that cannot be cleaned by spray or oscillation techniques, like the inside of tubing and injection mould gas cavities.

Significantly Reduced Maintenance and Operating Costs

Spray washers need considerably more maintenance, and are more expensive to operate because of the evaporation of water. These systems also require more electricity because the cleaning fluid temperatures are normally higher in these systems. In addition, spray nozzles need periodic removal and cleaning to ensure the systems continue to function properly.

In contrast, it is very simple to maintain an ultrasonic cleaning system. It requires no specific maintenance other than making sure the tank is always clean and avoiding the buildup of contaminants on the tank bottom.

Spray washing and oscillation parts washers cannot generate very intense cleaning action, thus they need the aid of cleaning fluids. The cleaning fluids used in these systems are more aggressive than those used in ultrasonic cleaning systems. As a result, disposing of the cleaning fluids in spray washers and oscillating parts washers may be more expensive and tougher.

Ultrasonic cleaning generates a powerful cleaning action that gets rid of bonded dirt, bacteria, grease, and grime without damaging the material of window blinds. The cleaning fluid used is water-based, making it environmentally friendly, as well as safe and gentle on the slats of the blinds. Only a small amount of biodegradable detergent is used, thus significantly reducing water usage.

Instead of throwing dirty blinds away, consider sending them to a blind cleaning service that uses ultrasonic cleaning technology. This technique will ensure that your blinds will look clean and brand new once again.