Not Sure If Blinds Need Replacing?

Regardless of how well they are made, or how carefully we have maintained them, the time will come when our window blinds need to be replaced. Like a comfortable pair of shoes, however, some home owners keep them in service longer than they should, spoiling the exterior appearance of their home, and exposing their carpets and furnishings to sunlight.

There are plenty of warning signs that your blinds have given their all and need to be retired. These signs will vary depending on the style of window covering you have, so we have assembled a selection for you to check against your existing blinds.

Warped, Damaged or Discoloured Slats

In timber blinds, heat and humidity over many years can cause some or all of the slats to warp. This looks unsightly, makes the blinds very difficult to keep clean and where more than one or two slats are affected, will prevent smooth movement when raising and lowering. Aluminium slats can withstand some rough treatment, but when they become completely bent out of shape, they also need to be replaced.

Even blinds with some level of UV protection will eventually fade if constantly exposed to the sun. However, if your slats have become yellow or discoloured beyond what you would consider normal fading, the materials they are made of have deteriorated to the stage where the structural integrity is compromised. They are now a safety hazard.

Mechanisms Not Working Smoothly

You should not have to use excessive force to raise or lower your blinds. If that is happening regularly, the mechanism controlling the up and down movement could be on the verge of breaking altogether. A sudden jerk to get them moving risks bringing the entire set crashing down, which could cause damage or personal injury. They should be replaced as a matter of urgency.

It is a similar story with the tilt wand. Repeated twisting to manipulate the slats will eventually wear out the tilt mechanism. Check first if it can be repaired easily, but if it is too difficult, again, replace the blinds.

Do Your Fabric Blinds Have Frayed Edges?

The answer to this problem is quite simple. This type of wear happens when the edges scrape along the window frame, which would have been caused by incorrect measurements taken when the blinds were first installed, or the installed blinds are made with a cheaper, low grade budget fabric. The fabric and/or tight fit will continue to fray so it is probably time to get correct measurements and new blinds.

Even though you may have decided by now to buy new blinds, this does not mean that the old ones are only good for landfill. At Blind Concepts we are experts at re-purposing tired blinds by restoring or replacing them. As the saying goes, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Call us for a quote and we will find the best solution for you.

Getting The Right Look For Your Window

The shape of our windows, as well as how we dress them make a very visible statement about the condition of the home on the inside. Faded, torn and shabby blinds seen from the outside give an impression of neglect, which may be an incorrect reflection of an otherwise neat and tidy home. However, first impressions are powerful, so homeowners need to be aware of this if they want their property to look its best.

Too Many to Choose From?

With so many different types of window blinds available, buyers can be confused about which ones suit their situation. Roller blinds, Roman blinds, Venetians, verticals and others provide a range of choices, but getting the right type for the style of window and the aspect can be challenging.
Large windows that have a scenic outlook, for example, would need a very different types of window blinds available to a small room at the back of a dwelling that struggles to get sufficient natural light. It is not as simple as picking one type of blind and using it for every room in the home.

Suggestions for Making Those Important Choices

From our point of view, however, it really does not matter what type of blinds you have in your home. Our business at Blind Concepts is to offer superior cleaning, repair and replacement services to our customers. Since we are able to provide those services for most blinds on the market, the choice is yours, but if you need some help, we offer these suggestions.

What Does the Room Need?

Start with the room itself. What does it need in a window covering? Does it need more or less natural light, is insulation against heat and cold required, is the window facing a main road so that privacy is an issue? The answers to these questions will give you the style needed, then the choices of fabric and colour will be easier.

Ever-Reliable Roller Blinds

Modern roller blinds have come into their own as stylish and chic decorator items, and once they are rolled up, leave an unobstructed view of the exterior. Clever fabrics address issues of light and insulation, and are available in a range of modern patterns and colours.

Romans or Venetians – Your Choice

For a touch of elegance, roman blinds offer a tailored look that suits a living room where curtains would be too overwhelming. Ever-practical venetians never go out of date, and their versatility suits almost every room in the home.
Choose whatever style of blind suits your windows without worrying about how to clean them. We will be here to do that for you when the time comes.

Everything Old Can Be New Again, Including Your Blinds

Blinds are essential in our climate to protect the interior décor and to control the flow of light and air. They also have an uncluttered, stylish look that is a perfect example of the “less is more” attitude to interior decorating. At the top end of the market they can cost many thousands of dollars, but there are also blinds for the budget conscious that still look great.

In fact, making old blinds look great again is exactly what we do at Blind Concepts. Our approach is a plus for the environment as we are recycling an existing product rather than using precious resources to create something new. It is also a boon for those wanting to save money but still have their windows looking fresh and modern.

Mass Produced, Low Cost Blinds Unlikely to Last

Everyone wants their homes to be inviting to friends and family, including people with limited financial resources. There are many low-cost options available for them to furnish and decorate their living spaces. Suppliers of budget furniture, homeware, flooring, lighting and window dressings all have cut-price products available. While these products fill a gap temporarily, they rarely last because they have been mass produced, using cheap material.

Maintenance and Replacement Restores Quality

In the case of blinds, there is another option available to homeowners that will deliver them a better quality product at a budget price. Often, blinds only look shabby because they need cleaning and some maintenance such as replacing a broken slat. This is much better than throwing blinds that are otherwise functional in a skip, which ends up in land fill.

We can restore the quality of damaged blinds by replacing slats, slat hangers, chains, cords or wands. This can be a simple repair of several slats, or the replacement of a complete set of blinds. We can also create a new style or colour scheme by using new slats in modern colours, which immediately update the room to a fashionable, contemporary look.

Suitable for Venetians and Other Types of Blinds

There are several different types of venetian blinds that respond well to replacement. We have had great success with aluminium blinds, wood composite, poly-resin and cedar types.

Our service is also suitable for verticals, timber and Holland blinds, as well as woodweave, oriental and Roman blinds.

Complete Solution for the Budget Conscious

Rather than waste money on buying cheap blinds that will not last, the homeowners will have their original blinds returned to them looking new and fresh, with all the functions operating smoothly. For those on a budget, especially if there are several windows to cover, this is an excellent option and will cost far less than buying complete sets of new blinds.

Miracle Cloth Cleans Without Effort

Our use of labour-saving devices has revolutionised the way we work, with machines now performing most of the heavy tasks in the workforce. In the home, our appliances remove much of the manual labour previously needed to keep our households tidy.

Furnishings, carpets, rugs, polished timber and window dressings can now be kept dust free without an army of cleaners, and with the development of new and better methods and tools, housework just gets easier. This is important to us because we are Blind Concepts, a company that provides blinds cleaning, repairs, replacements and installations to customers in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Northern Suburbs.

Keep Blinds Dust Free Between Professional Cleans

Blinds are essential in our harsh climate, keeping out harmful UV rays that fade and damage the interior of our buildings. They are also an attractive addition to interior décor, while controlling air flow and ensuring privacy. Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and microfibre cloth will keep them looking great until it’s time for us to do a professional refurbishment.

There are a few reasons why we like microfibre for “in-between” cleaning times. Cleaning the traditional way with detergent and water is more labour-intensive than with microfibre. Where dirt has built up over time, it needs strength and pressure to remove it, and the water can damage timber blinds.

No Water Needed

Microfibre, by contrast, needs no water to work its magic. It sweeps away dirt when brushed across the surface to be cleaned, with the tiny particles of dust and dirt attaching themselves to each of the microscopic fibres that make up the cloth or duster.

Millions of Tiny Fibres Trap Dirt

Unlike synthetic or cotton cleaning cloths, microfibre cloth is actually made from plastic. When regular cloths are placed under a microscope, we see that each individual strand is quite thick. Microfibre cloths have millions more fibres and each one is tiny by comparison. These fibres can get into every crack and crevice of any surface, making them much more efficient and easier to use. They literally “Hoover up” the dirt.

No Health Hazard from Airborne Particles

There are also health benefits to using microfibre, especially the dusters. We have all used normal dusters that flick the dust into the air where we breathe it into our lungs. Microfibre traps the dust onto the cloth so nothing becomes airborne. This is especially beneficial for people with asthma and chronic hay fever.

Wash and Reuse

The dusters can also be reused many times, saving money on replacements. Just wash them thoroughly, following the manufacturer’s instructions, dry them and they are ready for use. When your blinds eventually need a professional clean and refurbishment, contact us here at Blind Concepts and we will have them looking like new.

Many Ways You Can Skin A Cat

They say that when it comes to completing any task – pleasant or not – there are many ways to skin a cat.

When it comes to cleaning blinds there are really only a few ways to do it properly and plenty of ways to do it terribly.

Keeping Your Blinds in Tip Top Shape

If you want to keep your blinds in tip top shape then the number one step you can take is to give them a dust on a regular basis. Weekly is best but monthly is good too.

Dusting can be achieved by wiping closed blinds over with a microfibre blind cleaner, a microfibre cloth, or even an old sock.

Microfibre really is the winner and you can buy it made into gloves so you can slot your hand into them. This helps by giving you the opportunity to clean them on the top and bottom of a blind with one sweep of your hand.

Failing dusting with microfibre, the next best thing you can do for ANY blind is to give it a once over with the vacuum cleaner every now and then. You will be amazed at how good they look just from doing this and if you do it regularly you can push out the need for a deeper clean.

To vacuum horizontal blinds simply close them and hold them at the bottom. Vacuum the side facing you with a simple left to right motion starting at the top. Close them facing the other way and repeat.

For vertical blinds, again close them but work from top to bottom. If you have long blinds you may need to ask someone to hold the bottom firm for you. Repeat on the other side.

Stubborn Stains and Grease

The world became a better place the day microfibre cleaning was created!

If you have not discovered the wonders of microfibre then you are in for a treat. This amazing cloth will clean just about everything and anything. You can use it to remove your makeup; even stubborn mascara will come off with ease with this material, so cleaning a blind is a synch with a microfibre cloth.

If you need a little extra help with stubborn, hard to remove stains or grease, then all you need to do is add a few drops of detergent to a bucket of warm water. For that extra oomph you can add vinegar to your solution. A tablespoon of bicarbonate will also work wonders.

It is important not to saturate your blinds when cleaning. Quality microfibre clothes can be rung out very well and they leave little water behind.

Failing all of this, if you really are not interested in putting in the time then Blind Concepts offer a fabulous cleaning service, using the latest technology.

Remove Dust Mites from Your Home Forever

Do you find yourself sneezing, coughing, and feeling tight in the chest, runny or itchy nose, itchy eyes, or itchy skin with no obvious signs of fresh flowering in the garden? You may discover that you have a dust mite allergy.

Less than half a millimetre long, dust mites are oval shaped wingless creatures that can wreak havoc in their short two-month life span.

In the hot and humid summers we Queenslanders experience, the dust mite can multiply prolifically without us even being aware of it. It is predicted that as many as two million dust mites could inhabit your mattress and pillows alone! This is because they feed off dead skin cells we lose every day.

Common hiding spots for these miniature critters also include carpets, soft furnishings, and drapery. So how can you control them without filling your environment with even more contaminants that could create larger issues?

By the way, chemical sprays do not deter these creatures anyway so save yourself the chemical drama. Other “treatments” that don’t work are electric blankets, negative ion-generators and allergen free products.

Blind Concepts believe that the number one thing you can do is replace your curtains and heavy drapes with a blind. But we are biased of course. If you have blinds already then you are halfway there and we can certainly help you keep them clean and in tip top shape!

How to Deter and Remove Dust Mites From Your Home

Direct sunlight can be a real downer for dust mites so hang your bedding in the hot sun for a natural fresh cleaning solution. A dehumidifier can deplete, if not completely destroy their population as they cannot exist without humidity.

Steam Cleaning your carpets, bedding, soft furnishings, for example, has been shown to have a great effect on the numbers of these miniature arachnids. (Yes, spiders; they are acari which makes them part of the family of eight-legged creatures.)

Hot wash in 60o or higher or hot tumble dry bedding, rugs, cushions, pillows and soft toys to kill them. Choose leather, vinyl, plastic and wood over soft fabrics for your furnishings.

Vacuum regularly and include your mattress in the process. Make sure you give the creases and seams a thorough going over.

Minimise “dust collectors” such as wall hangings, ornaments, books, artificial flowers and other knick knacks.

Looking For Ideas To Open Up That Space?

If you have a home with a small living area it can be difficult to fit everything in and still give yourself that feeling of space and light.

Curtains can make a room look closed in and dark. They can block any breeze that may be around and also limit your ability to decorate. By this, we mean that curtains can limit your ability to match your furniture and decorative pieces together, due to colour.

With a blind of any kind, you have the answer to all these issues with the twitch of a chord. Blinds are very discreet and don’t overpower a room. Their colour is usually one of a neutral kind, which means they can blend in and match just about any colour you may choose to have on your lounge suite, cushions or floor coverings.

The very nature of the blind means that you can adjust the slats to allow a cooling breeze to enter whilst still giving yourself the privacy of prying eyes from neighbouring properties be they homes, units or flat. They will even offer privacy from people who may be walking by your home. Whether you live on a busy street or enjoy an ocean view, you can adjust your blinds to admit sunlight and air whilst escaping prying eyes.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Blind Concepts offer a large range of blinds to suit any home, any room, and any situation. Not only that but they are so easy to look after. There are several ways that you can keep your blinds looking good all year round.

using Microfibre

A light dust with a microfibre cloth can do wonders to help keep your blinds in tip top condition. The microfibre attracts dust and fluff like a magnet, making your cleaning experience a breeze. Again, with a twitch of the chord you can have your blinds dusted and polished on one side, then twitch the other way and repeat. How does it get easier than that?

Vacuum with Dusting Attachment

Another way to keep your blinds in great condition is to vacuum them. If your vacuum cleaner has a brush attachment it can be as easy as putting it on and running it over both sides of the blind, again using that magic chord.

You can see how installing blinds in your home will save you time and free up space. Don’t delay; call us now to find out more.

Getting Your Home Ready For The Christmas Celebrations

With Christmas just around the corner this is the time to finish off that spring cleaning you started recently. We all like to put our best foot forward at this time of the year so many of us are polishing floors and windows. Cleaning your blinds is also a must and so easy when you know how.

There is no doubt that blinds add a completely different effect to any room. With the twitch of a chord they can offer complete privacy or direct cooling breezes, unlike curtains, which are more likely to block a breeze when closed.

Blinds are completely unobtrusive, offering protection from sunlight, street lights, and prying eyes without overpowering a room. They disappear into the background leaving your furniture, artwork, and decorative pieces to shine. Especially that tinsel laden Christmas tree and all those presents.

When looked after, your blinds will last a lifetime. The key to this is to ensure they are treated with the respect they deserve. Keeping them clean and dust free is so easily done.

Regular Dusting a Must

Regular dusting, wiping or vacuuming your blinds to control build-up of unhealthy germ carrying airborne bacteria and particulate is essential. Incorporating this task into your weekly dusting and vacuum routine will take just minutes and will avoid any heavy build up that may occur.

If, however, your blinds are situated in an area where they are likely to have vaporised cooking oil settle on them or where they may be exposed to nicotine, moisture such as humidity or even exposure to vast temperature differences from hot to cold, you may find that simple dusting is not enough to keep them looking at their best.

In this situation it is a good idea to organise for them to be professionally washed by way of Ultra Sonic cleaning.

Fresher, Brighter and Infinitely Healthy

When you ask Blind Concepts to clean you blinds you can relax and get on with cooking that Christmas pudding and leave the rest to us.

We collect your blinds, take them back to our purpose built workshop (not Santa’s!), put your blinds through our Ultra Sonic cleaning process, return them to you and have them hung and ready for your Yuletide Celebrations in jiffy.

In as little as 24 hours we can have your blinds shining clean and free of dirt, grime, grease, and bacteria.

Our Top Tips To Upscale Your Home

Obviously, we at Blind Concepts are all about how to make your windows look good, so this is our Number 1 Tip to upscale your home.

We offer a range of ready and custom-made vertical blinds, roman blinds, oriental, plain or exposed batten and Holland blinds. Our services also cover Venetian blinds that include Aluminium blinds, wood composite blinds, 50mm poly-resin blinds with a timber look finish, and lacquered or oiled cedar blinds.

We can clean, repair, replace or upgrade every blind in your home.

Tip 2

Sometimes your home may just need a colour upgrade. Some colours can be a bit faddish. If you are over the bright yellow of the 70s and mission brown of the 80s why not upgrade to a different shade?

Tip 3

Spruce up your front door. You can do this by changing its colour, updating, or upgrading your door mat, adding a plant on either side, or even tiling, paving or adding faux timber slats.

Tip 4

Add some life to your home’s rooms or outdoor areas by adding some hanging potted plants. They can be pretty flowery offerings or even practical plantings such as herbs you use in the kitchen.

Plants help you clear the air and static energy and even help reduce EMFs from electrical sockets.

Tip 5

Decluttering will give your soul a chance to relax. It has been proven that clutter can cause stress so start to actually let go of some of your stuff. Even letting go of something sentimental but still put away in the cupboard, can open up the flood gates to receiving more than you ever dreamed.

Tip 6

Mow, weed, and clip. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy plantings to have a nice looking yard. You will be surprised how just taking a little time to actually pull those weeds, mow your lawn and clip any low hanging or straggly branches can improve the look and feel of your home.

Tip 7

Rearrange. You know what they say – a change is as good as a holiday. Why not have a go at rearranging the furniture and décor of your home. They say that good Feng Shui in your home starts with the correct placement of these items.

Give it a go and see how you feel. If you don’t like it, change it.

Tip 8

Clean it. If it looks dirty give it a clean. For outside you would be surprised how a high pressure cleaner will bring up your pavers, paths, and driveways.

Tip 9

If it’s broken fix it. Replace torn fly screens, patch holes, and repair fence palings. Give your home some love today!

Taking Care Of Wooden Venetian Blinds

If you have wooden venetian blinds in your home, you will no doubt want to take good care of them. These kinds of blinds are built to last and if looked after well they will add their special sense of warmth to your home for many years to come.

The key factor here is looking after your blinds. We at Blind Concepts can’t stress enough the importance and benefits of looking after your blinds. We highly recommend that you organise a professional clean through us on a periodical basis but, in the meantime, you also need to care for them yourself.

If you have left them uncleaned for some time do not worry, our ultrasonic blind cleaning process is so efficient that it will bring tired, neglected blinds back to life and looking new again. In between cleans by our team here is what we suggest for your wooden venetians.

Do not immerse

For a start, it’s important you understand that you can’t immerse your blinds in water. As the wood will absorb the water it can end up causing damage to the slats. Excess moisture can cause discolouration or warp the slats.

Be mindful of cleaning products

It is not recommended that you use any old detergent on your blinds. Some chemicals can damage the wood slats and this will be irreversible. If you wish to use a cleaning product, purchase a wood cleaner that is safe and approved for blinds.

Safe stain removal

When it is time to clean your blinds start by looking for any stains or spots of food, for example. If you have little people in the home it is likely that sticky hands make their way to the blinds. This is often because children want to look out the window, so always check.

If there are stains or marks remove these by use of a paper towel or cloth. Hard to remove stains can be eliminated with a safe wood cleaner. Again, please remember to use only approved cleaners and don’t soak with too much water.

Removing dust

Dust is everyone’s problem and your blinds will collect as much as the next household. To remove dust you can do a number of things. If your vacuum comes with an attachment then a gentle vacuum is quick and ideal.

You can also use a dust brush to remove dust, there are even special dusters for blinds designed to collect dust between the slats. Once you have performed either of these methods you can take a damp, not wet, cloth and wipe the slats individually.

Along with your gentle care of your blinds give us a call at Blind Concepts to organise a professional clean to make your blinds last for years.