Top 3 Window Blinds That Are the Easiest to Clean

In our busy lives of the modern world, between juggling our work, family and social life (and very often a side hustle), time needs to be used wisely, and stretched to its greatest capacity. Imagine if you could stretch time to fit more into your day. Well, it is possible, by making better use of it. One way is to work smarter, not harder.

It means simplifying the procedures that are required to steer your life in the direction you want to go, so you have more time to enjoy the view along the way. One way to do this in your home is to reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining the place by choosing household fixtures that are easy to maintain. We’ve compiled a helpful list of a few window treatments that require the least cleaning, but still look fantastic.

Vertical Blinds

The hands-down easiest blinds to clean, by the consensus of our peers and networks, are the vertical blinds, with extra points if they are vinyl. Unlike horizontal blinds, vertical blinds do not gather as much dust, as there is nowhere for the dust to settle. The vinyl finish is one of the easiest to maintain as it only needs dust now and then, with a feather duster, to keep it looking fresh and clean. For a stubborn stain if some sticky liquid has been spilt on them, a bit of water with a little soap in it and a soft cloth would do the trick.

Fabric vertical blinds are also considered to be an excellent low-maintenance window treatment, as they can be removed easily for cleaning and only need to be spot-cleaned or given a little dust with a lint roller.

Roller Blinds

Another seriously easy blind to clean is the roller blind, which comes in a variety of different fabrics. As you can imagine, the fabric that it is made of will determine the amount of cleaning that it might require. For example, a vinyl or waterproof roller blind is going to be a lot easier to clean than a more delicate fabric such as satin or silk. Refer to your blinds manufacturing instructions for the cleaning information or give us a call at Blind Concepts if you need some help.

Cellular Shades

The third easiest style of blind to keep clean is the cellular shades, which are even doubly awesome as they also assist you with keeping the heat in during winter and the cool in during summer. They also allow natural light into the room, while also maintaining your privacy, so it’s a win all around with these window treatments, which only need regular dust with a feather duster or microfibre cloth.