Do you Need to Call in Blinds Installers?

Window Blind hook screwed by Specialist

One of the biggest concerns for people when they order blinds is that these blinds will have to be installed. For those of us that are all thumbs when it comes to DIY, this can be a somewhat daunting prospect. You need not be too concerned, however, the installation of blinds is fairly simple but if you do not feel up to the task, you can always get someone in to install the blinds for you.

Any reputable blinds installation company in Brisbane will do but it is best to check with the people that you bought the blinds from in the first place. If they do not offer an installation service themselves, the chances are good that they will be able to provide you with a reference to someone that could do a great job.

If you decide that you want to give it a try yourself, there are some basic rules to follow – if you are willing to go along carefully and put the effort in, you will find it easy to install the blinds yourself.

step 1

Assemble the blinds and measure the distance between the brackets. Put one of the brackets in place and make sure that the bracket is as straight as you can possibly get it. Mark in pencil on the wall where exactly the screws need to go. Measure across where the other bracket needs to go and mark this in the same way.


step 2

The next step is to use a spirit level to make sure that the two marks are level with one another. If your blinds are uneven, they will not be able to hang correctly. If the blinds are very long or very heavy, it is advisable to install a third bracket in the middle of the window in the same manner as before. You will now drill the holes in accordance with the pencil marks and screw the brackets into place. You will then slip the blinds onto the brackets and then close the brackets over them to secure them in place. You will repeat this process for all windows in the room and your blinds in Brisbane will be installed.

As you can see, whether you decide to install your blinds yourself, or you decide to get someone in to do it for you, you will find that blinds are really quick and easy to install. It is likely to be quicker to install blinds than it is to hang curtains.