Looking For Ideas To Open Up That Space?

If you have a home with a small living area it can be difficult to fit everything in and still give yourself that feeling of space and light.

Curtains can make a room look closed in and dark. They can block any breeze that may be around and also limit your ability to decorate. By this, we mean that curtains can limit your ability to match your furniture and decorative pieces together, due to colour.

With a blind of any kind, you have the answer to all these issues with the twitch of a chord. Blinds are very discreet and don’t overpower a room. Their colour is usually one of a neutral kind, which means they can blend in and match just about any colour you may choose to have on your lounge suite, cushions or floor coverings.

The very nature of the blind means that you can adjust the slats to allow a cooling breeze to enter whilst still giving yourself the privacy of prying eyes from neighbouring properties be they homes, units or flat. They will even offer privacy from people who may be walking by your home. Whether you live on a busy street or enjoy an ocean view, you can adjust your blinds to admit sunlight and air whilst escaping prying eyes.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Blind Concepts offer a large range of blinds to suit any home, any room, and any situation. Not only that but they are so easy to look after. There are several ways that you can keep your blinds looking good all year round.

using Microfibre

A light dust with a microfibre cloth can do wonders to help keep your blinds in tip top condition. The microfibre attracts dust and fluff like a magnet, making your cleaning experience a breeze. Again, with a twitch of the chord you can have your blinds dusted and polished on one side, then twitch the other way and repeat. How does it get easier than that?

Vacuum with Dusting Attachment

Another way to keep your blinds in great condition is to vacuum them. If your vacuum cleaner has a brush attachment it can be as easy as putting it on and running it over both sides of the blind, again using that magic chord.

You can see how installing blinds in your home will save you time and free up space. Don’t delay; call us now to find out more.