What You Can Do To Keep Your Window Blinds Safe

Have you ever scanned the front of your home only to recognise that your window blinds are letting down the rest of the façade? So, what happened to these blinds that looked so smart and pristine when they were new? It turns out that most blinds are damaged by just a few common occurrences.

Too much Sunshine is Brutal for Window Blinds

Here in Australia the biggest culprit is sun damage. It is obvious really, since the main reason we cover our windows with blinds is to protect our interiors from unwanted sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Sun damage presents itself as faded, discoloured and weakened blind material, resulting in cracks, splits and tears.

Sun damage is hard to prevent because our windows are exposed 24/7. However, there are fade-resistant materials available that block out up to 95 per cent of ultraviolet rays. Not only will the use of these materials extend the life of your blinds, but they will also keep the interior cooler than standard materials.

Mould and Mildew Thrive in High Humidity

Mould and mildew are prime candidates for causing damage to blinds in wet areas such as bathrooms and other locations with high humidity levels. It is easy to overlook mould on blinds where they are obscured by heavy curtains. Undetected, it spreads quickly on plastic or wooden blinds and other porous surfaces, damaging their structural integrity.

If the damage is not too severe, the blinds can be cleaned then sealed to prevent a recurrence. Replacement blinds should be made of materials such as a combination of PVC and polyester, then checked and cleaned regularly.

Four-Legged Chaos

There is nothing like dogs or cats for providing companionship and unconditional love to their owners. However, until they are trained, your adorable puppy or kitten may use the cords and pull chains on the side of your blinds as playthings. Cats also like to climb and scratch their claws on surfaces such as window coverings. Vigorous playing sessions have been known to leave curtains and blinds in broken and shredded piles on the floor

Prevention in the form of quality, consistent training, and lots of active time outdoors when you are home could prevent damaging your window blinds. Distracting toys like scratching posts for cats and chew toys for dogs will keep them occupied while you are out.

If this information comes too late to save your window treatments, our repair process at Blind Concepts restores the quality of damaged blinds. We replace slats and slat hangers, resew slats and replace chains, cords or wands. We also have a cleaning service that restores the quality of blinds that need deep cleaning.