Why Buying New Blinds May Not Be The Best Decision

If you have recently refurbished an existing home or apartment, you will have discovered that furnishings and window coverings can be expensive, especially if you are doing the entire dwelling all at once. Many householders with a limited budget search the second-hand shops for quality pieces of furniture or accessories to get the most out of their cash, but often, they replace the window blinds instead of repairing them.

Blinds Last for Years if Treated Well

There are good reasons for going down the repair path when it comes to window coverings. Unless blinds have been subjected to wilful damage or are completely worn, they are quite resilient. After all, they are out of the reach of foot traffic so, unlike furniture, they are not scratched and chipped by the wear and tear of family life. If they are cleaned regularly and any minor issues fixed immediately, they should last for years.

This has been our experience here at Blind Concepts; in fact, it is the basis of the service we provide to our clients. We clean, repair, and replace various types of interior blinds including Roman and Holland blinds, verticals and Venetians, as well as aluminium and wood composites and others. We can restore blinds to their original condition and even create a new style for them with new colours or stains.

Cleaning and Repairing Works Wonders

Quality well-made blinds that have served their owners well for a number of years deserve another opportunity to shine. Sometimes, all they need is a thorough and professional cleaning to remove all traces of dirt and grime. Also, repairs such as replacing or resewing slats or replacing chains, cords or wands to a properly cleaned set of blinds can bring them back to their original condition.

Reducing Waste While Saving Money

We should all be aware of how individual actions impact on our fragile environment, so when householders takes down all the window blinds and dispatch them to the local rubbish dump, they may not be making the most environmentally responsible decision. Not only do we, as a society, still thoughtlessly consign far too much recyclable material to landfill, but we are also not active enough in finding new uses for such material. This is another reason for thinking carefully before we simply throw away household items like window blinds.

You can save money while getting your blinds back to pristine condition and help preserve our precious environment by contacting us for a quote before making any decision. These are two excellent reasons for repairing your window blinds rather than spending extra cash buying new ones.