Blinds Suit for Each Window Type For Optimum Light

peeking through the window blinds, sunshine

Have you ever entered a residence that had great kerb appeal from the outside, only to find that while the interior décor was modern and stylish, the rooms were rather dark and gloomy? Homes like this often need artificial lighting on an overcast day, when the lighting should be adequate, especially in a modern home with large windows.

Perfect Windows need Blinds to Suit their Shape and Aspect

Often, the cause of this lack of light is that the window blinds are the wrong type for the shape of the window or for the aspect of the room. Many people, when choosing window blinds, opt for the same type for every room, thinking that consistency is the goal. However, this approach means that some windows will be perfect, and some will exhibit a varied range of design flaws.

This is something we see quite often when we are picking up blinds for cleaning from clients’ premises. At Blind Concepts, we offer a cleaning service using the latest ultrasonic cleaning technology. This is a very effective way of removing ingrained dirt, grime and grease on slats and hard to reach corners. What we also see are rooms outfitted with blinds that block light and air.

Bedrooms Need Natural Light

Bedrooms are a perfect example. Most homes have at least two smaller bedrooms for children, while the master bedroom and perhaps a guest bedroom have fixtures and fittings designed for adults. Having the same blinds in every bedroom is a missed opportunity. The adult rooms need something elegant that offers privacy but still allows in light, while the children’s rooms, also needing both privacy and light, must not have dangling cords or anything that can cause a hazard.

Blinds that Let in Light can Still Protect Privacy

Moving now to the family room, this is an important function space where much of the family interaction takes place, but often it is visible from the outside. While Venetians may not suit other rooms in the house, they are very versatile for this type of room where lots of light adds to the atmosphere, but a quick adjustment of the slats ensures privacy.

Kitchens Need All the Light they can Get

The kitchen is the heart of the home and needs every fixture and fitting to be practical and contribute to the overall efficiency of the space. Blinds on kitchen windows need to be easy to clean but also allow enough light into an area, which most of the time is busy.

There is no ‘one style fits all’ when it comes to window blinds. Each room should be assessed on its own merits, with function, aspect, need for privacy, climate control and the mood enhancing benefits of light all considered when choosing a suitable window blind.

Caring for Stylish Venetian Blinds

Aha! You have had a win and come into some serious money and are now wondering what to do with it. An overseas holiday is in the planning but there is plenty left over to do a lot of things that have been put on the back burner because of lack of funds. Seriously, those home renovations and new interior decorating schemes are finally now a real possibility. The question is where to start after the initial extensions have been taken care of. A new coat of paint throughout is a great start, plus some classy new flooring to add a bit of zing to the overall effect.

Oh my, the new furniture looks great, but the blinds take a bit of the gloss off the total effect. Oh! I see. The blinds are reasonably new and you like the colour co-ordination the way it is. Well, the solution to that is to have the blinds cleaned and/or repaired giving them that brand new look. You could do this yourself the old fashioned, time stealing tedious way, OR you could go online and find yourself someone who specialises in blinds cleaning in Brisbane. The latter option is by far and away the best you could take, as not only do they clean Venetian blinds; they also repair them with the end result being new looking existing blinds.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Venetian Blinds
The new method of Ultrasonic cleaning removes every speck of dust and grime via bubbling water produced by high frequency sound waves. It also lubricates and protects every part of your venetian blinds giving them a brand new look. If blinds are in need of repair they also have that new look when mended. Firms that do blinds repair in Brisbane can be found in the Yellow Pages or better still online, as online sites give you access to enquiries regarding their services and information on the method used to do the job. You will be well informed before booking their services, and pleasantly surprised at the result afterwards.

Ah yes, I see I now have your undivided attention and that is a good thing. With the money you save having your ‘not so old’ blinds upgraded with a clean and repair session, you will be able to shop til you drop for a whole new wardrobe to take on that ‘overseas trip’ coming up soon. All possible because you ‘showed taste and didn’t waste’, saving yourself money and helping the environment by not adding to the existing waste problem.