Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce,Reuse,Recycle written on paper
If you are a parent, you will recognize this catch cry from Bob the Builder. It’s good to see that this concept has actually taken off over the years with many creative minds being put to work and crafting something beautiful and or useful out of something that may have ended up in ground fill.

In this “modern era” of fast food, disposable nappies, throw away items, and the hole in the ozone it’s good to see that more and more products are packaged or made in environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled or at least broken down without poisoning the earth.

Recycling Your Décor

When you decide to change the look of a room, whether that be by changing the colour of the walls, swapping carpets for tiles, or even altering your window dressings, take a little stroll on the net and see what you can do in regard to the 3 R’s before buying new.

You may not realize that you can get your blinds repaired and revamped. You will not only save the cost of a completely new blind but you also contribute big time to preserving Mother Nature.

Environmentally friendly blinds repairers like Blind Concepts can work magic on your tired or damaged blinds.

Recycling with Blind Concept

With Blind Concepts, you are able to replace a single slat on a blind or multiple blinds. There are also many other parts available for replacement, thus rendering the need to buy a whole new blind unnecessary.

A wide range of blinds is covered in the replacement service. Everything from vertical blinds to Roman blinds, timber, wood weave, or oriental battens. All styles of Venetian blinds can also be easily repaired.

If you want, you can even transform the whole look of a blind by changing the slat colour and there is a wide range of colours to choose from.

Convert old-style blinds to timeless classics or bring them into the modern era with a few tweaks from our specialists.

Whatever you desire in your new look blinds for your home or office we have a solution that will not break the bank.

Give us a call and our experts will come and assess your blinds, offer advice, and an obligation-free quote to carry out the work.

Blind Concepts’ replacement service is available to customers in the Brisbane area, Logan, Ipswich, and the Northern suburbs.