Easy, Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Method for Dirty Blinds

The Christmas/New Year break for much of the workforce is the ideal time to take a couple of weeks’ annual leave. In fact whole industries, such as construction, shut down almost totally for at least three weeks at this time of year. While many of the affected workers may take the time to get away interstate or overseas, just as many stay at home to wind down, catch a movie and spend time with their families.

With all this extra time at home, it doesn’t take long before that New Year resolution to clean up the house gains momentum. The idea of starting the year with everything tidy and fresh sounded great at one minute to midnight, but lazing in comfort on the back deck is no way to get it happening. Getting a “to do” list together is a great start and high on the agenda is the often neglected windows and blinds.

New Cleaning Solution – High Frequency Sound Waves

At least there is now an easier solution to cleaning the blinds than hanging them on the clothes line, throwing a bucket of soapy water over them and hoping all the grime comes off under the hose.

Blind Concepts is utilising the latest in ultrasonic cleaning technology to bring blinds back to their original, pristine state. This technology uses high frequency sound waves to remove dust and grime from every area of the blinds.

Using a gentle, water based solution that is safe for all types of blinds, and a very small amount of biodegradable detergent, this is an environmentally responsible cleaning method that is also water wise. In combination with the high frequency sound waves, millions of tiny imploding energy bubbles remove every trace of dirt and grime, even from hard to access areas. Even the cords and other delicate areas of the blinds are safely and effectively cleaned.

Don’t Replace Expensive Blinds – Get Them Cleaned

The process sanitises, deodorises and lubricates the blinds, removing any traces of bacteria and producing an astonishing result. Often, blinds are replaced simply because they are too hard to clean and not because they are worn out. The dirt, dust and grime give them the appearance of being old when in fact, they just need a thorough cleaning to remove the layers of dirt that are obscuring their original beauty. Having them cleaned using this ultrasonic technology can save thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spend in unnecessary replacements.

Blind Concepts collect the blinds from the home and take them to their workshop where they are cleaned and carefully hung to dry. The process only takes a few hours and clients have their blinds back ready to hang within 24 hours. Getting clean blinds is as easy as contacting Blind Concepts.