Window Treatments Designed to Last a Long Time

Often when shopping for new window treatments, one can become overwhelmed with the many different styles available, especially the new-fangled designs that look great in the showroom. It is a fact that when most modern designers are creating a product, they are not thinking too much into making sure it will last the tests of time. However, despite this fact, there are some window treatments that naturally do last the distance and still maintain their stylish look throughout their life. These are usually likely to be the traditional types of window treatments such as the ones we discuss below.

Of course, it does need to be taken into consideration that regular maintenance of your window treatments is a key factor for them lasting. Be sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer to ensure that each individual window treatment is kept in the best condition it can be, for the material that it is made of.

Wood Blinds

Without a doubt, one of the best types of blinds that you will find that are long lasting for years are the hardwood blinds. They are such low maintenance, and usually only require a regular dust over with a microfibre cloth or feather duster. For rooms that might be subjected to damp or excessive heat, faux wood blinds are another alternative which can retain their warm woody feel, while being more durable.

Metal Blinds

As one of the best options for rooms with high traffic, metal blinds are the best alternative to wooden blinds, and will be able to handle damper areas as well as excessive heat. These are a great alternative for rooms such as kitchen or bathroom.


Traditionally, shutters are a classic window treatment well known for their ability to last and last. They have been used as window treatments for decades, and are commonly known as ‘plantation shutters’ due to them first being used during the time of Southern plantations. These can be custom designed to suit the room, made of a variety of different materials, the most popular being hardwood, although vinyl is also a popular choice.

Cordless Shades

For a safer option in places where there are pets and children roaming around, cordless are the way to go to prevent them getting tangled, hurt and likely damaging the blinds themselves. There are a variety of different cordless options available so be sure to talk to Blind Concepts for more info.

Roman Shades

These classic window treatments are a sleek, elegant choice with folded fabric tailored to suit the décor of the room, in either full fold or flat, designed to maintain their luxurious beauty for years to come.