Miracle Cloth Cleans Without Effort

Our use of labour-saving devices has revolutionised the way we work, with machines now performing most of the heavy tasks in the workforce. In the home, our appliances remove much of the manual labour previously needed to keep our households tidy.

Furnishings, carpets, rugs, polished timber and window dressings can now be kept dust free without an army of cleaners, and with the development of new and better methods and tools, housework just gets easier. This is important to us because we are Blind Concepts, a company that provides blinds cleaning, repairs, replacements and installations to customers in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Northern Suburbs.

Keep Blinds Dust Free Between Professional Cleans

Blinds are essential in our harsh climate, keeping out harmful UV rays that fade and damage the interior of our buildings. They are also an attractive addition to interior décor, while controlling air flow and ensuring privacy. Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and microfibre cloth will keep them looking great until it’s time for us to do a professional refurbishment.

There are a few reasons why we like microfibre for “in-between” cleaning times. Cleaning the traditional way with detergent and water is more labour-intensive than with microfibre. Where dirt has built up over time, it needs strength and pressure to remove it, and the water can damage timber blinds.

No Water Needed

Microfibre, by contrast, needs no water to work its magic. It sweeps away dirt when brushed across the surface to be cleaned, with the tiny particles of dust and dirt attaching themselves to each of the microscopic fibres that make up the cloth or duster.

Millions of Tiny Fibres Trap Dirt

Unlike synthetic or cotton cleaning cloths, microfibre cloth is actually made from plastic. When regular cloths are placed under a microscope, we see that each individual strand is quite thick. Microfibre cloths have millions more fibres and each one is tiny by comparison. These fibres can get into every crack and crevice of any surface, making them much more efficient and easier to use. They literally “Hoover up” the dirt.

No Health Hazard from Airborne Particles

There are also health benefits to using microfibre, especially the dusters. We have all used normal dusters that flick the dust into the air where we breathe it into our lungs. Microfibre traps the dust onto the cloth so nothing becomes airborne. This is especially beneficial for people with asthma and chronic hay fever.

Wash and Reuse

The dusters can also be reused many times, saving money on replacements. Just wash them thoroughly, following the manufacturer’s instructions, dry them and they are ready for use. When your blinds eventually need a professional clean and refurbishment, contact us here at Blind Concepts and we will have them looking like new.