Keep Your Blinds Looking Like New

White window blindYour blinds or other window furnishings are like any other investment you make in your home. They are there to enrich a room, add value to the property, and most certainly perform a service.

Just like any other investment, To maintain its value and condition you will want to keep your blinds in a good state of repair and working order.

To this end, professional blinds installation specialists at Blind Concepts have put together a few tips to help you achieve this goal.

Dust, Wipe, and Wash – Which Method for Which Blind

  • If you have timber blinds it is more than acceptable to dust them with a lamb’s wool or microfibre duster, or even use the vacuum on them, but never, never use soap and water on a timber blind.

The same applies to natural timber shutters but if either of these items is painted you can feel free to apply water and soap to them either in situ over a drop cloth or plastic, in the bathtub or gently hanging over the clothesline on a warm breezy day.

  • If you have metal or vinyl blinds you can clean them with a solution of one tablespoon of ammonia to one litre of water. Then put on a pair of rubber gloves with some cotton gloves over the top, and use your own fingers and thumb to run above and below the slat, cleaning it as you move along.

This definitely helps you get into all the nooks and crannies without damaging the blinds as you can smoothly feel your way around.

  • If you have bamboo blinds you can use this same method but use as little water as possible. Let dry completely in a shaded breezy area.
  • If you have vinyl or coated blinds remove them from the window and lay them on a flat clean surface. Anchor each corner and clean the topside with a mild soap solution and a sponge. Rinse and dry, turn over, and repeat.


Ultrasonic Cleaning – Easy, Carefree, Affordable

As you can imagine, cleaning any blind can be a lengthy job, taking up much time and effort, and don’t forget the cleanup after you have finished.

If you are a busy person who would prefer to spend your spare time with family and friends why not take advantage of Blind Concepts’ amazing Ultrasonic Cleaning Service.

It will effectively sanitize, deodorize and lubricate your blinds PLUS it is environmentally friendly!