The Healthier Way to Clean Blinds

Hands cleaning the window binds
Blinds can tend to look a little worn out if they are covered in dirt and grime and they can also be a health hazard to people who are allergic to dust. Therefore, it is good for blinds to be cleaned regularly to preserve them and to avoid tickling the noses of those with allergies. However, you shouldn’t use just any cleaning product yourself.

There is so much more knowledge now about the cleaning products we use in the home and how they can be harmful to our health. This sees us looking for more environmentally and human-friendly solutions and Blind Concepts have done just that and succeeded with its ultrasonic cleaning.

Why choose Ultrasonic blinds cleaning?

This reliable blinds cleaning method uses the advanced technology of high-frequency sound waves to thoroughly clean and restores blinds to their original state, leaving them looking as good as new.

Thanks to this method of cleaning there’s no need for scrubbing, which can cause damage to slats. All bacteria, grime, and grease are effectively lifted from the blinds within a few hours. Blinds will be left deodorized and sanitized making them safe for family members in the home to be near them.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning by Blind Concepts is more cost-effective than replacing blinds altogether and is ideal for the delicate areas of the blinds. Because the method is quite quick and the service at Blind Concepts is second to none, you will have your blinds back within 24 hours, ready to be re-hung in your windows.

Good for the environment and you

There are not many people now who tolerate the use of harsh cleaning chemicals in their homes or on any items that are placed in their homes. Ultrasonic cleaning by Blind Concepts is environmentally friendly and safe for you too. The water-based solution used means there is only a small amount of detergent required. The detergent that is used is biodegradable and the method of cleaning is very water efficient.

If your blinds are in desperate need of a good clean to bring them back to life, you need to contact Blind Concepts to arrange an ultrasonic clean today. If you have any questions or would like more information about their ultrasonic blinds cleaning, you can visit them online at Their friendly and helpful staff can easily answer any of your questions and you will be wondering what took you so long to call them.