Would You Have Different Blinds for Different Rooms?

There are so many different types of blinds available on today’s market that it can be confusing for consumers, especially those who are doing window treatments for their entire dwelling. Some people may be tempted to put the same blinds on all their windows, thinking it will be the easy way out.

Getting the Right Blind for Every Window is No Easy Task

This would be a mistake, however, as getting the right style of blinds depends on several factors. This includes the geographical aspect of the building, the location of the windows, and the use made of the rooms. Wet areas such as laundries and bathrooms, for example, are prone to develop mould, bedrooms need extra privacy and living areas should be both stylish and functional.

Bedrooms – Roller Blinds and Venetians Most Popular

For these reasons, there is not really any one style of blind that is exclusive to any particular room. Take roller blinds for instance. They are versatile, easy to maintain and available in a wide range of fabrics and colours. They are also budget-friendly which makes them an ideal choice for bedrooms. However, Venetians also suit bedrooms as, similar to roller blinds, they allow in light and air but can be closed to create privacy and block out glare and heat.

Authentic Timber Venetians Unsuitable for Bathrooms and Laundries

Venetians also come in timber, plastic, aluminium, faux wood, and other synthetics. Authentic timber venetians are unsuitable for wet areas as constant exposure to moisture may cause the slats to swell and warp. Other materials may be more forgiving, but manufacturers’ guidelines should be followed, including how to protect against and treat mould.

For Elegant Living Areas Choose Romans

Roman blinds are enjoying a resurgence of popularity and are now a favourite for living areas. Their horizontal panels of fabric create an elegant look regardless of whether they are raised or lowered. Modern fabrics offer block out and light filtering features in dozens of colours, patterns and textures. They also have low allergenic and fire-retardant fabrics for safety.

Verticals Perfect for Large Sliding Doors

Vertical blinds are still popular in business premises and some homes, especially over large patio windows, as well as sliding doors. The choice of fabrics and finishes are similar to Roman blinds, with the weights in the hems preventing the verticals from blowing around in the wind. They can be pulled to the left, right or centre depending on where the opening is situated.

Blinds are a major investment and keeping them clean and in good repair means they last for many years. At Blind Concepts we can help maintain your investment by offering our blind cleaning and repair service to clients. We use the latest technology to clean your blinds in our workshop, so you can hang them in whatever room they suit.