Do You Know Where Your Window Blinds Originated?

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Have you ever wondered, as you struggle to install a new set of window blinds, who came up with the idea of blinds in the first place? This is usually the internal conversation we have with ourselves when something is not working to plan, and we are looking for someone to blame. There must be a better way, we think as we balance precariously on a chair.

Is there nothing new Under the Sun?

Well, if it makes you feel any better, window blinds have been around for centuries, and so far, no-one has discovered anything more practical. Advancements are made in fixtures, fittings and materials,   become available but apart from that, nothing much has changed.

Some Ancient Ways to Protect Windows

While we are not certain exactly when and where blinds first originated, we know from old parchments and wall frescos that Egypt, Persia or China are the most likely places. The ancient desert people used wet strips of cloth on their windows to keep out the elements. The Chinese in ancient times tied bamboo stalks together to make their window coverings.

The first time we have an approximate date is again in Persia in 1100 AD when what we now call Venetian blinds first appeared. They most likely made their way into Europe along the old Eastern trade routes, appearing first in Venice. That is why we still refer to this style of window blind as Venetian.

Vertical Blinds – An Early 1950s Appearance

These blinds spread throughout Europe, particularly in the 1700s, and soon became the norm in those households whose income allowed. It is interesting then to find out that vertical blinds, which are really the Venetian style hung around the other way, were only invented in the USA in the 1950s.

The Colosseum and Roman Blinds – Who Knew?

The construction of the Colosseum was said to be the catalyst for the invention of Roman blinds. It is believed that they were designed specifically to keep out the dust stirred up by this massive project. They spread throughout the Roman Empire, becoming more ornate and sophisticated as they did.

Thank the Scots for Roller Blinds

Roller blinds were not invented until the 1700s in Scotland. At first, they had no spring mechanism so when they were closed, the fabric fell to the window ledge where it remained until they were opened.

Benefits of Modern Technology

We are always interested in anything to do with blinds, even the history. Here at Blind Concepts we clean and refurbish all types of blinds, including those that originated in our distant past as well as any new styles that have been invented since. Regardless of what type of blinds you have in your windows, our modern technology will have them looking as good as new in twenty-four hours.

Find The Right Solution For Your Problem Blinds

Blinds are a convenient, versatile and attractive alternative to curtains or shutters as a window dressing. They are available in a range of styles, materials, sizes and shapes, allow the occupants to control light and shade easily, are easy to install and for the most part, easy to keep clean. However, blinds are not completely without problems.

Slatted Blinds that are Stuck at the Top

Slatted blinds, for example, come in timber, plastic, aluminium and other composite materials and one problem that they all have in common is sometimes, they get stuck at the top of the window. The cause is usually that the cord used to raise and lower the blinds gets caught in the mechanism.

Usually this is a relatively easy fix. The first thing to try is to grab the cord, draw it upward until it is level with the bar at the top, then give it a gentle tug to release the lock. If this does not help, a little more work is needed. Take the blind down, find the lock mechanism and with a flat head screwdriver, push against the pin that is inside. This should free the lock and allow you to replace the blinds.

Getting a Roller Blind Chain Back on its Tracks

Roller blinds were once the “poor relation” of the window treatment world and relegated to bathrooms and children’s bedrooms. They have had a renaissance in recent years and now come in elegant fabrics, lovely colours and hold their own in any setting. A common problem, however, is that sometimes, the roller blind chain comes off its tracks and it doesn’t operate correctly.

The first thing to do is to take the roller blind off the bracket, then hook the chain back onto the tracks. Once you have inserted the cap back into the roller tube, simply hook the blind back up onto the bracket.

Freeing Up Vertical Blind Blades

One of the features of vertical blinds is their ability to be quickly rotated into position. When this no longer happens, there is usually something stuck in the slots where the blades are connected to the carrier stem, which can be manually removed. If the rod itself is jammed, a quick spurt with a lubricant spray in the spot where it connects to the blinds will usually free up the blade.

Repair Solutions Not New to Us

These types of repair solutions are nothing new to us. Here at Blind Concepts, we clean and repair old and damaged interior blinds. We know how expensive these blinds were originally, and when we extend their life for several more years at a fraction of this cost, our clients are happy with their fresh new blinds and with our service.

Home and Office Care and Maintenance

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Whether you are maintaining your own home, office, or perhaps that of an investment property it is usually in your best interests to ensure it is done often and correctly.

Proper care and maintenance of any property will return to you tenfold in the value the property holds. In other words, if you take proper care of your home, office, or investment and make appropriate repairs when necessary, your property will not only hold its value and good looks but continue to grow in worth.

Some maintenance and repairs can be quite large jobs and be very costly.

What can often happen is a simple, inexpensive thing like a busted blind, clip, or slat may be overlooked as it is too fiddly. Some people are even unaware that a blind can be inexpensively repaired. If this is the case it may get left broken as they do not wish to invest in a new window covering.

Fast and Simple Blind Care and Repair

You may not realize that blinds, all types of blinds, in fact, can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a total replacement. Affordable Brisbane blinds installation and repair can be achieved quickly, inexpensively, and with a minimum of disruption with Blind Concepts.

Broken slats, cords, chains, valance clips and corners, tilt mechanisms, brackets, wands, tassels, and condensers can all be replaced instead of buying a whole new blind.

The range of blinds Blind Concepts is able to repair

• Vertical blinds

• Holland blinds

• Roman blinds

• Timber blinds

• Woodweave blinds

• Oriental, plain, or exposed batten

• Venetian Aluminium blinds

• Venetian Wood composite

• Venetian 50mm poly-resin (timber look finish)

• Venetian Cedar (lacquered or oiled)

Value for Money and the Environment

Maintenance of your property does not have to take a long time or cost an arm and a leg. In this day and age, we all understand the real value of money and wasting it.

This is why it can be an exercise in savings to have a broken clip, slat, or cord repaired or replaced rather than invest in a whole new blind.

The other great contribution you make when you choose to have a blind repaired is that you are reducing the amount of landfill waste, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

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