Cleaning your Blinds

woman in black shirt holding white and blue sprayer bottle
If your blinds are looking a little tatty or dirty, you need to consult the professionals. Blind Concepts can help you to get your blinds looking and working like new. They will clean, repair or replace your blinds or install new blinds for you from scratch.

They are able to offer a premium service at a reasonable price and they are able to deal with several different types of blinds from traditional Venetian blinds to vertical blinds.

The Best Technology

Blind Concepts makes use of the best technology available today. They make use of the ultrasonic cleaning method as it is highly effective at removing stubborn and ingrained dirt with minimal impact on the environment.

The ultrasonic method used allows them to use smaller amounts of water and chemicals. This makes it a very cost-effective method of cleaning and also helps to restore the blinds to a more pristine condition.

How it Works

You simply call in and get an estimate as to the cost – this will take the size, type, and the number of blinds into consideration. When they get your go-ahead, they will remove the blinds and take them to the workshop to be cleaned. Your blinds will be returned and ready to hang within 24 hours.

Blind Repairs

They also offer a blind repair service – a lot of the time, blinds simply have a damaged slat or mechanism and this can easily be repaired. It is much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to repair the damaged part than to replace the whole set of blinds.

Blind Replacement

You can also choose the blind replacement service – for the replacement of a single slat or a number of slats or even possibly a whole set of blinds. They have a whole variety of colours for you to choose from allowing you to change the look of the blinds as a whole.

This replacement service is also a great way to save yourself some money – it saves you from replacing the blinds completely.

All it takes is a simple call to give some details about what blinds you have, how many you have, et cetera, and what you want to have done. They will then advise you regarding the solution and what the cost will be.

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