Creating a Contemporary Style

Stacks of cubes beside beside sphere shape balls
‘Contemporary Style’ is a term that is bandied about quite a bit. It is used a lot but not everyone understands what it means. In essence, a contemporary style is best described as a ‘less is more’ look – it encompasses a range of furnishings but a lot of emphases is placed on a clean, uncluttered look.

The idea is to create a feeling of space and cleanliness in a room. As a result, a lot of thought needs to be put into every piece in the room – even the blinds.

Contemporary Blinds

When it comes to updating the look of a room, starting with the blinds makes sense. Blind Concepts can help you to work with what you have on hand – revamping your old blinds to create contemporary blinds with a great new look at a fraction of the cost of completely new blinds.

Speak to Blind Concepts about a whole new look – they can repair your existing blinds or replace the slats for a completely different look.

Colour Choices

In contemporary decor, colour palettes are kept simple and neutral. There is usually only one focal point per room and this is usually where the colour is concentrated. This could be in the form of a wall hanging, rug, piece of furniture, et cetera.

Using a limited palette creates a much more spacious look.


The furniture should have clean lines and little if any decoration. You want a simple look, not a fussy one – this is not the look to go for if you want ruffles and lace. Even the blinds should be kept fairly simple.


In contemporary decor, lighting is the key – make sure that the lighting is dramatic to emphasise the feeling of spaciousness in the room and to perfectly offset the neutral colours.

Mix your Materials

Contemporary decor draws a lot from sleek metallic designs – chrome or brass table lamps can add richness to the room without giving a feeling that it looks over the top.

Look for new ways to decorate – consider glass shelving and table tops to create a more contemporary look and to create a feeling of space.

Art should be fairly modern and framed simply. Black and white photography goes especially well with this particular decor style.

Drawing all these elements can, at first, seem to be confusing but it is actually pretty simple. When considering buying a piece of furniture or an accessory for a room, consider whether or not it will add aesthetic value or just seem to make the room cluttered.