Our Top Tips To Upscale Your Home

Obviously, we at Blind Concepts are all about how to make your windows look good, so this is our Number 1 Tip to upscale your home.

We offer a range of ready and custom-made vertical blinds, roman blinds, oriental, plain or exposed batten and Holland blinds. Our services also cover Venetian blinds that include Aluminium blinds, wood composite blinds, 50mm poly-resin blinds with a timber look finish, and lacquered or oiled cedar blinds.

We can clean, repair, replace or upgrade every blind in your home.

Tip 2

Sometimes your home may just need a colour upgrade. Some colours can be a bit faddish. If you are over the bright yellow of the 70s and mission brown of the 80s why not upgrade to a different shade?

Tip 3

Spruce up your front door. You can do this by changing its colour, updating, or upgrading your door mat, adding a plant on either side, or even tiling, paving or adding faux timber slats.

Tip 4

Add some life to your home’s rooms or outdoor areas by adding some hanging potted plants. They can be pretty flowery offerings or even practical plantings such as herbs you use in the kitchen.

Plants help you clear the air and static energy and even help reduce EMFs from electrical sockets.

Tip 5

Decluttering will give your soul a chance to relax. It has been proven that clutter can cause stress so start to actually let go of some of your stuff. Even letting go of something sentimental but still put away in the cupboard, can open up the flood gates to receiving more than you ever dreamed.

Tip 6

Mow, weed, and clip. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy plantings to have a nice looking yard. You will be surprised how just taking a little time to actually pull those weeds, mow your lawn and clip any low hanging or straggly branches can improve the look and feel of your home.

Tip 7

Rearrange. You know what they say – a change is as good as a holiday. Why not have a go at rearranging the furniture and décor of your home. They say that good Feng Shui in your home starts with the correct placement of these items.

Give it a go and see how you feel. If you don’t like it, change it.

Tip 8

Clean it. If it looks dirty give it a clean. For outside you would be surprised how a high pressure cleaner will bring up your pavers, paths, and driveways.

Tip 9

If it’s broken fix it. Replace torn fly screens, patch holes, and repair fence palings. Give your home some love today!

Taking Care Of Wooden Venetian Blinds

If you have wooden venetian blinds in your home, you will no doubt want to take good care of them. These kinds of blinds are built to last and if looked after well they will add their special sense of warmth to your home for many years to come.

The key factor here is looking after your blinds. We at Blind Concepts can’t stress enough the importance and benefits of looking after your blinds. We highly recommend that you organise a professional clean through us on a periodical basis but, in the meantime, you also need to care for them yourself.

If you have left them uncleaned for some time do not worry, our ultrasonic blind cleaning process is so efficient that it will bring tired, neglected blinds back to life and looking new again. In between cleans by our team here is what we suggest for your wooden venetians.

Do not immerse

For a start, it’s important you understand that you can’t immerse your blinds in water. As the wood will absorb the water it can end up causing damage to the slats. Excess moisture can cause discolouration or warp the slats.

Be mindful of cleaning products

It is not recommended that you use any old detergent on your blinds. Some chemicals can damage the wood slats and this will be irreversible. If you wish to use a cleaning product, purchase a wood cleaner that is safe and approved for blinds.

Safe stain removal

When it is time to clean your blinds start by looking for any stains or spots of food, for example. If you have little people in the home it is likely that sticky hands make their way to the blinds. This is often because children want to look out the window, so always check.

If there are stains or marks remove these by use of a paper towel or cloth. Hard to remove stains can be eliminated with a safe wood cleaner. Again, please remember to use only approved cleaners and don’t soak with too much water.

Removing dust

Dust is everyone’s problem and your blinds will collect as much as the next household. To remove dust you can do a number of things. If your vacuum comes with an attachment then a gentle vacuum is quick and ideal.

You can also use a dust brush to remove dust, there are even special dusters for blinds designed to collect dust between the slats. Once you have performed either of these methods you can take a damp, not wet, cloth and wipe the slats individually.

Along with your gentle care of your blinds give us a call at Blind Concepts to organise a professional clean to make your blinds last for years.

Cleaning Blinds Using Ultrasonic Cleaning

If your blinds are in need of a good thorough cleaning you need to contact our team at Blind Concepts. You can keep blinds clean yourself by following some simple maintenance steps and tips but over time they will need a professional clean.

This is because grime and dust builds up in all the hard to reach places that cleaning by you won’t get to. At Blind Concepts we highly recommend you get a professional clean carried out by us at regular intervals to ensure optimum hygiene longevity of your blinds.

Why is ultrasonic cleaning best?

Along with getting into all the tight and small spots where you can’t, there are other benefits to ultrasonic blind cleaning. When you choose to get blinds cleaned in this manner you are increasing their lifespan, which will result in not having to replace or repair blinds sooner than necessary.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is also the best option for the environment using less water and biodegradable detergent that is environmentally safe. So what is the process?

What happens during the cleaning process?

We will collect your blinds from your home. This will ensure they are removed and transported without damage due to an inexperienced person removing them.

Once in our workshop a small amount of our environmentally friendly water based cleaning solution is added to the water in the machine. Your blinds will be carefully placed in the machine and high frequency pressure sound waves are used to agitate the liquid and create cavitation bubbles.

More intricate cleaning is carried out by using a higher frequency. The process will then remove all dirt, grime and contaminants from the blinds and penetrate all areas including the small moving parts you are unable to access yourself.

We understand your privacy and that the protection of valuables is important. This is why we work efficiently to get your blinds cleaned and back to your home for reinstallation within 24 hours.

The last part of our ultrasonic blinds cleaning process is for you to enjoy the breath of fresh air your blinds breathe into the room. Now hygienically clean so they are safer for your family to be around and looking sparkling and new again.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a far simpler and cheaper process than buying new blinds. Don’t think that tired, old and dirty blinds need to be thrown away. Save yourself time and money by contacting our team today to organise your ultrasonic clean today.


Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Offers Many Benefits

When you pay to have blinds installed in your home it’s nice for them to always look good and last as long as possible. When you take care of them and keep them clean it means you won’t have to spend the money to replace or repair them as soon as if you had not taken care of them.

Keeping your blinds clean has some other benefits, too. Blinds are the perfect spot for allergens, dirt and other pollutants to hang around on in your home. This means anyone who suffers allergies or has respiratory issues will soon feel the effects of blinds that are not kept clean.

If blinds are really left to get filthy though, they can even pose an issue for people who don’t have any pre-existing health issues such as allergies. In a nutshell, blinds that are left dirty are just as bad as carpets that are not cleaned regularly.

Of course, just as you can vacuum carpets and mop floors you can clean blinds yourself with dust brushes, vacuums and damp sponges. And just like carpet, a professional clean from Blind Concepts is really the only kind of cleaning that can get rid of every trace of dirt, dust and other nasties hanging about on blinds.

DIY doesn’t get everywhere

While you can clean slats by vacuuming and dusting, it pays to remember that there are moving parts, chords and other bits in blinds that they are unable to reach or don’t even consider. As a result, blinds are never really cleaned properly and the build up on them becomes worse, creating a bigger possible health issue in the home.

Mildew, pet dander, mould and other irritating particles settling in the crevices of your blinds you can’t reach, will only make you suffer.

Professional cleaning the only way

The only real sure way to have your blinds thoroughly cleaned is professionally through ultrasonic cleaning. All the grime, grease, pollutants and more are effectively removed from the entire blind set up leaving them looking brand new again, and much safer from a health perspective to have in your home.

Basically, there is no point in keeping on top of dusting, vacuuming and mopping the rest of your home if you allow your blinds to remain unclean and dusty. If you have been putting off cleaning your blinds then contact the team at Blind Concepts today to find out more about their highly efficient and professional blind cleaning service.


Don’t Renovate – Rejuvenate

We have all heard the catchcry Reduce, Reuse, Recycle from that famous children’s character we all know and love.

Blind Concepts believe there should be another “re” added to that list and that word is Rejuvenate. Rejuvenating represents a cost savings not only to the home owner but to Mother Earth herself as it also incorporates the reduction of waste.

You may have your home décor just the way you like it and you are very happy with it but there is just that little problem of the cooking grease that settles onto your blinds. It mixes so nicely with the airborne matter that flows through your windows and circulates through the rooms of your home.

The combination is making your blinds look quite tired and old.

Before you consider replacing those weary blinds with something new why not get them cleaned with the efficient blinds cleaning service that Blind Concepts has to offer, called Ultrasonic Cleaning?

You Will Not Believe the Astounding Results

Many people are waking up to the amazing new technology cleaning service called ultrasonic cleaning.

Yes you read correctly. Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves to produce many millions of tiny microscopic bubbles of detergent. The detergent used is biodegradable and the amount used is so small it would put any at home efforts to shame in the use of it.

The added bonus is you do not need to scrub with this technology so the blinds come out of their treatment glowing and looking brand new with none of the usual marks or scratches caused by abrasive cleaners.

This product will in no way damage slats or soft furnishings of any blind, such as rope pulls and fabric blinds.

Collection and Delivery Service

The aim is to keep the amount of time your windows are without their “clothing” to the absolute minimum. Thus offering the least possible disruption.

This is why your blinds are collected on a nominated day and returned to you within 24 hours so that they can be rehung immediately.

Blind Concepts also offer a repair service for damaged blinds of all kinds such as slats, vertical blinds, roman blinds, Holland blinds, including chord pulls, chains and wands.

To see some incredible before and after shots and get more information regarding the wonders of ultrasonic cleaning why not visit http://www.blindconcepts.net.au and see for yourself.


Easy, Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Method for Dirty Blinds

The Christmas/New Year break for much of the workforce is the ideal time to take a couple of weeks’ annual leave. In fact whole industries, such as construction, shut down almost totally for at least three weeks at this time of year. While many of the affected workers may take the time to get away interstate or overseas, just as many stay at home to wind down, catch a movie and spend time with their families.

With all this extra time at home, it doesn’t take long before that New Year resolution to clean up the house gains momentum. The idea of starting the year with everything tidy and fresh sounded great at one minute to midnight, but lazing in comfort on the back deck is no way to get it happening. Getting a “to do” list together is a great start and high on the agenda is the often neglected windows and blinds.

New Cleaning Solution – High Frequency Sound Waves

At least there is now an easier solution to cleaning the blinds than hanging them on the clothes line, throwing a bucket of soapy water over them and hoping all the grime comes off under the hose.

Blind Concepts is utilising the latest in ultrasonic cleaning technology to bring blinds back to their original, pristine state. This technology uses high frequency sound waves to remove dust and grime from every area of the blinds.

Using a gentle, water based solution that is safe for all types of blinds, and a very small amount of biodegradable detergent, this is an environmentally responsible cleaning method that is also water wise. In combination with the high frequency sound waves, millions of tiny imploding energy bubbles remove every trace of dirt and grime, even from hard to access areas. Even the cords and other delicate areas of the blinds are safely and effectively cleaned.

Don’t Replace Expensive Blinds – Get Them Cleaned

The process sanitises, deodorises and lubricates the blinds, removing any traces of bacteria and producing an astonishing result. Often, blinds are replaced simply because they are too hard to clean and not because they are worn out. The dirt, dust and grime give them the appearance of being old when in fact, they just need a thorough cleaning to remove the layers of dirt that are obscuring their original beauty. Having them cleaned using this ultrasonic technology can save thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spend in unnecessary replacements.

Blind Concepts collect the blinds from the home and take them to their workshop where they are cleaned and carefully hung to dry. The process only takes a few hours and clients have their blinds back ready to hang within 24 hours. Getting clean blinds is as easy as contacting Blind Concepts.


Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Window blinds will look old in just a short amount of time as dirt and dust build up on the slats as well as in the other components of the blinds. Regular cleaning and maintenance is vital in making sure your window blinds reach their optimum useful life. There are several benefits to using ultrasonic cleaning to remove dirt and grime from your blinds.

More Effective than Other Cleaning Methods

Ultrasonic cleaning delivers a higher level of cleaning than other part cleaning technologies such as spray washers or oscillation parts washers that do not have ultrasonic components.

With spray washing systems, the only part areas that are thoroughly cleaned are those directly hit by the spray action. Difficult-to-reach areas will not be completely cleaned using spray washing units, even those that feature turntables or moving spray heads.

Oscillation parts washers can be effective in getting rid of light oils, shop contaminants and coolants, but cannot remove bonded contaminants, or dirt that is thicker and tougher to remove.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems can clean the interior of holes the size of a human hair and smaller. Since the action generated is microscopic in size, ultrasonic cleaning can clean details that are normally missed by other cleaning methods. Ultrasonic cleaners can also clean the interior of objects that cannot be cleaned by spray or oscillation techniques, like the inside of tubing and injection mould gas cavities.

Significantly Reduced Maintenance and Operating Costs

Spray washers need considerably more maintenance, and is more expensive to operate because of the evaporation of water. These systems also require more electricity because the cleaning fluid temperatures are normally higher in these systems. In addition, spray nozzles need periodic removal and cleaning to ensure the systems continue to function properly.

In contrast, it is very simple to maintain an ultrasonic cleaning system. It requires no specific maintenance other than making sure the tank is always clean and avoiding the buildup of contaminants on the tank bottom.

Spray washing and oscillation parts washers cannot generate very intense cleaning action, thus they need the aid of cleaning fluids. The cleaning fluids used in these systems are more aggressive than those used in ultrasonic cleaning systems. As a result, disposing the cleaning fluids in spray washers and oscillating parts washers may be more expensive and tougher.

Ultrasonic cleaning generates a powerful cleaning action that get rids of bonded dirt, bacteria, grease and grime without damaging the material of window blinds. The cleaning fluid used is water-based, making it environmentally friendly, as well as safe and gentle on the slats of the blinds. Only a small amount of biodegradable detergent is used, thus significantly reducing water usage.

Instead of throwing dirty blinds away, consider sending them to a blind cleaning service that uses ultrasonic cleaning technology. This technique will ensure that your blinds will look clean and brand new once again.



The Healthier Way to Clean Blinds

Blinds can tend to look a little worn out if they are covered in dirt and grime and they can also be a health hazard to people who are allergic to dust. Therefore, it is good for blinds to be cleaned regularly to preserve them and to avoid tickling the noses of those with allergies. However, you shouldn’t use just any cleaning product yourself.

There is so much more knowledge now about the cleaning products we use in the home and how they can be harmful to our health. This sees us looking for more environmentally and human friendly solutions and Blind Concepts have done just that and succeeded with their ultrasonic cleaning.

Why choose Ultrasonic blinds cleaning?

This reliable blinds cleaning method uses an advanced technology of high frequency sound waves to thoroughly clean and restore blinds to their original state, leaving them looking as good as new.

Thanks to this method of cleaning there is no need for scrubbing, which can cause damage to slats. All bacteria, grime and grease is effectively lifted from the blinds within a few hours. Blinds will be left deodorised and sanitised making them safe for family members in the home to be near them.

Ultrasonic blinds cleaning by Blind Concepts is more cost effective than replacing blinds altogether, and is ideal for the delicate areas of the blinds. Because the method is quite quick and the service at Blind Concepts is second to none, you will have your blinds back within 24 hours, ready to be re-hung in your windows.

Good for the environment and you

There are not many people now who tolerate the use of harsh cleaning chemicals in their homes or on any items that are placed in their homes. Ultrasonic cleaning by Blind Concepts is environmentally friendly and safe for you too. The water-based solution used means there is only a small amount of detergent required. The detergent that is used is biodegradable and the method of cleaning is very water efficient.

If your blinds are in desperate need of a good clean to bring them back to life, you need to contact Blind Concepts to arrange an ultrasonic clean today. If you have any questions or would like more information about their ultrasonic blinds cleaning, you can visit them online at http://www.blindconcepts.net.au/. Their friendly and helpful staff can easily answer any of your questions and you will be wondering what took you so long to call them.




Ultrasonic Cleaning With Blinds Concepts

Blinds do not only keep the harsh rays of the sun off your favourite room, it also adds spice to the interior decoration of your space. It is most natural that the blinds that have been hanging around your room or office space will get dirtied or damaged after a few weeks or months. Blinds collect dust and the more you try to dust it off yourself, the more chances that it will get damaged.

Dirtied or damaged blinds can cause problems not only to your peace of mind but also to your budget. Most of the blinds are also specialised. It means it’s almost unique to the others. That is why cleaning dirtied or damaged blinds should be left to the experts or companies that do blind cleaning; not to your inexperienced friends, and most definitely not to you.

If you happen to be living around Brisbane and you have dirtied or damaged blinds, the number one company you can trust to fix the problem is Blind Concepts.

Blind Concepts catered to more than a thousand of satisfied Australian clients over the years. And the actually offer more than just ordinary blind cleaning to any of their clients. They offer cutting-edge technology cleaning called ultrasonic cleaning that not only cleans your blinds but also enhances its physical appearance. For example, you have faded blinds because it has been around for months, the ultrasonic technology will add lubrication to the blinds, sanitises the blinds, deodorises the blinds, thoroughly cleans them, and altogether adds protection that will make your blinds last longer. Not only that, Blinds Concepts guarantees that their ultrasonic cleaning technology is actually fast, gentle, and inexpensive. For environment friendly customers, Blinds Concepts also boasts that their ultrasonic technology is safe for Mother Nature.

All of that and more at Blind Concepts Brisbane. It’s very easy to enlist their service because they can be found online and they have friendly customer service on the phone. All you have to do is tell them about your blinds problems, what type of blinds you have, the measurement of the blinds, and how many blinds you wish to be cleaned. Blinds Concepts http://www.blindconcepts.net.au/ will have it fixed right away.

What more can you ask for? For blinds style, Blinds Concepts is the best choice.