Keeping your Blinds Clean

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Keeping healthy at home and at the office is a top priority for most people. Most of us are very fussy about the state of our floors and countertops and we make sure that these are in tip-top shape.

What About the Blinds?

When it comes to blinds, however, most people forget about them. A quick dusting occasionally is about as much attention as most blinds get. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to get sanitary blinds.

A quick dusting will not get rid of all the dust and bacteria that cling to blinds – the unfortunate truth is that blinds, because of where they are, are constantly exposed to dust and germs.

What’s Wrong with a Bit of Dust?

Dust mites can breed in the dust and they can cause serious allergies. The dust can circulate quite freely from the window as well and so the mites become airborne.

Of course, if you do not clean your blinds regularly enough, the dirt can provide homes to other pests as well. Your blinds could be harboring fly eggs, cockroaches, and a whole host of other nasty things.

These insects all leave their own traces of debris which can then be circulated around the room, causing respiratory conditions, chronic allergies, et cetera.

Difficult to Diagnose

The problem with this kind of thing is that the root cause is very often difficult to diagnose. The doctor will start off by looking at what you are eating and try to determine the allergens from there. They will seldom think to ask if the blinds are dirty.

The Solution

Start off by wiping your blinds down at least once a week. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for suitable products to use. Make sure to get into all the little nooks and crannies so you don’t miss a speck of dust.

Call in a Professional

You should call in a professional to clean your blinds at least once or twice a year, and more frequently if the blinds get dirty quickly.

Professional blind cleaners use sonic cleaners as opposed to harsh chemicals. This is not only more environmentally friendly but also more efficient overall.

The process is also gentler on blinds and helps them look refreshed without causing any damage.

The best part is that all bacteria and allergens on the blinds are removed completely.

A professional cleaning at least once annually is a good way to ensure that your blinds keep looking good and stay sanitary for a lot longer.

Instead of looking to replace grubby blinds every few years, get in a professional team regularly to extend the life of the blinds that you have already.